Series Covering Abandoned Casino Ship in Hong Kong

Working with journalists Christy Choi and Jing Yang, we covered a series a stories reporting on the plight of sailors stranded in the middle of the Hong Kong Harbor on an abandoned casino ship.

The first story made the issue widely known and brought attention to the entire event.

The second story was a follow up on the support as a result of the attention and the assistance brought by ITF and others.

In the third story, we spent a night on a similar casino ship called Rex Fortune to provide readers with a glimpse of what one of these floating casinos is like.

The fourth story, we reported on the first group of sailors leaving and receiving assistance in their return home while some continue to seeking lost wages.

In the final story of the series, this was reported for US News, as we explained what an abandoned ship says about the economy, and how some ship owners operating in an opaque way.