JNI/HKU Asia Reporting Fellowship

Working with the Judith Neilson Institute in Australia, I managed and developed the inaugural JNI/HKU Asia Reporting Fellowship. 

In addition to organizing logistics, I developed the programming arranging experts from all areas including, academics, journalists, politicians, as well as entrepreneurs.

12 Australian journalists came to Hong Kong to take courses and learn from experts, as well as report on big issues. 2019 was the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Protests, and fellows were able to report on stories of the anniversary. Many journalists stayed on for an extra week and were able to report on the beginning of the Hong Kong protests of 2019. Armed with the background knowledge of the Hong Kong, China, and the extradition bill, the fellows were able to produce numerous news stories.

More information on the first Asia Reporting Fellowship can be found at: https://jninstitute.org/education/asia-reporting-fellowship-2019/